Great crested newt mitigation scheme, Chester (2015)

Once again I find myself picking newts out of buckets – this time for a consultancy based in the East Midlands who not surprisingly weren’t keen for their staff to waste hours in the car every morning when they could just ask me to pop over to the site and deal with it instead :) Continue reading

Warrington Plant Group Sphagnum day at Holcroft Moss

We had a successful trip to Holcroft Moss in October.  This is a raised bog near Warrington, which is one of the only remaining bogs in the local area never to have been cut for peat, so it’s very special.  It’s managed by Cheshire Wildlife Trust, who have had various surveys done over the years.

2015-10-17 12.54.19 (800x450)

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End of the bat season 2015

It was a hectic October for me and South Lancs Bat Group, trying to squeeze in as many surveys as possible before the end of the bat active season mid-month.  I did eight nocturnal surveys in the space of eleven days, harp trapping & mist netting at five different sites and also a church survey !  Meanwhile, it was still busy on the Batline with numerous cat casualties coming in. Continue reading

Grassland and woodland survey, Snowdonia, North Wales (2015)

What a treat to visit some traditionally managed land which retains much of its ecological character and interest.  And I got paid!  This really can be the best job in the world sometimes :)

2015-08-31 12.58.02 (800x450) Continue reading

Warrington Plant Group in Runcorn

I had a pleasant day out with Sam mooching around Runcorn Town Park hunting for ponds, looking for the feathery pappus on Leontodon species and recording vascular plants.  That’s it really :)

shortest blogpost ever…….

BSBI Atriplex meeting

Atriplex species are the oraches most often seen on saltmarshes or these days along the sides of main roads where road salting has had an effect.  They are considered difficult to identify and up til attending this meeting I would have put most of them down as “Atriplex sp”.  I still might do that after learning more about them, but for different reasons! Continue reading

Flintshire BSBI at Rhydtalog

A very relaxed day out with the Flintshire recording crew, today consisting of Amanda and myself, Malcolm and Tom.  We mooched around the lanes near Rhydtalog recording all the vascular plants we could find, chatting about many topics, refining our identification skills and generally putting the world to rights.  Here’s a humungous stand of Polypodium ferns (with human for scale) which we suspect are hybrids but will be determined later when Malcolm has had a chance to inspect the spores under the microscope.

2015-09-12 11.04.16 (800x450)

If you’re in Flintshire or surrounding areas and would like to come botanising with us, you’d be very welcome.  Ideas for interesting outings would be even more welcome :D  please visit our website for more info.