Dormouse survey, Wye Valley, near Buxton, Derbyshire (2012)

I participated in a dormouse nut hunt as a guest of Derbyshire Mammal Group. This involved searching for gnawed hazelnut shells and inspecting them to see which animal ate them – different species leave characteristic teeth marks, although sometimes a hand lens is needed to spot these.
Whilst the site we searched in the morning had no evidence of dormice, we did confirm the presence of other mammals including wood mouse, bank vole, grey squirrel, fox and badger.

In the afternoon, we were lucky to find a dormouse-gnawed nut in a part of the woodland not previously thought to support this species. This suggests that the dormice may be doing well and spreading out within the woodland.

The survey was led by Dave Mallon.  Thanks to Dave and the group for letting me join in.


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