My first dormouse of 2012 !

A bit blurry, but here she is:

It’s hard to believe that dormice manage to stay asleep throughout the entire process of being turfed out of their nest boxes, inspected, weighed and sexed, but they really do – this little one was tucked back into her box, none the wiser.

This photo was taken in south-west Cheshire during a dormouse box maintenance session with Cheshire Dormouse Project volunteers.  In addition to this dormouse, we also found lots of wood mice, a pygmy shrew and yellow-necked mouse (one definite, and one suspected which leapt out of the nestbox before I could get my hands on it !).  Yellow-necked mouse has only recently been confirmed in Cheshire, so it was great to find another one.

The session was led by Sue Tatman.  Thanks Sue and the group for letting me join in.


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