Natterjack toad monitoring, North Wales (2012)

Had a top night out (by ecology standards) last Tuesday with members of Denbighshire Countryside Service and friends counting, catching, measuring and sexing natterjack toads in the dunes near Prestatyn.

These toads are easily recognised by the bright yellow stripe down the centre of the back and are a little bit smaller than the common toad.  They are intelligent enough to stop croaking when surveyors arrive at a pond, but not quite smart enough to hide when a bright torch is pointed at them !  Check out the natterjack toad project page here for more info.

Photos were taken on the night by Lizzy Webster, ecologist for Denbighshire Council, who is licensed to handle and disturb natterjack toads, and the images can be seen if you’re on Twitter by following @NEWBioNet.



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