Risk assessment for great crested newts, Charnock Richard, Lancashire (2012)

My client wanted to extend their farmhouse to provide additional bedrooms; Chorley Borough Council requested a great crested newt survey, as there was a pond 70m away from the application site.  On visiting the site, I assessed the pond as of average habitat quality for great crested newts and noted that the proposed extension was onto a gravelled yard unfavourable for newts.  Based on my experience, it seemed unlikely that newts would be affected despite the proximity of the pond.

I prepared a risk assessment for the client, demonstrating that the proposals presented a very low risk to great crested newts.
This approach enabled the client to submit their application without delay and without the additional cost of a full survey. They are now looking forward to finally having a bedroom for themselves instead of having to sleep in the dining room !

Thanks to Angela for introducing me to the client.


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