Ecological appraisal at Barnoldswick, Lancashire (2012)

I carried out an ecological appraisal of land at Barnoldswick, Lancashire, on behalf of the new owner of the land.  The site is located in the centre of the town and has potential for employment or residential development.

Whilst the desk study showed that there were several sites of ecological interest in the countryside around the town, I found little in the way of ecological interest on the site itself, which was dominated by tall tussocky improved grassland and  hardstanding.  Mature trees around the boundaries, a stream on the northern edge and allotments offered the greatest potential for wildlife, such as nesting birds and amphibians such as common frog and common toad.

I felt that potential development of the site offered opportunities for ecological enhancement of boundary habitats, particularly the stream which was quite overgrown with bramble.

I look forward to finding out what the client decides to do with their latest acquisition.


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