Ecological appraisal, High School, Formby (2012)

Being on the coast, Formby has a host of unusual ecological constraints to consider in any project, however minor.  For this project, I advised a high school in Formby wanting to renew their boundary fencing – so far, so straightforward, you may be thinking – well, not quite !  The school is adjacent to Sefton Coast SSSI which is triple designated at international level, being a SAC, SPA and Ramsar site, with a list of qualifying features as long as your arm.  No kidding, the desk study search for records within 1km of the project site was 149 pages long, with everything from notable lichens to multiple European protected species.

The best way to approach a list of constraints like this, in my view, is to be flexible about the project and seek to avoid as many of the constraints as possible by careful siting and timing of the proposed works.  In this case, the school now have various options to choose from while they wait for funding to be confirmed.


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