Ecological appraisal, Alsager, Cheshire (2012)

This is a greenfield site adjacent to existing residential areas of Alsager and offering lots of potential for residential development – on paper, at least.  I was asked to undertake an ecological appraisal of the site to support a possible future planning application.

Not surprisingly for the Alsager area, the main area of concern (in my view) will be great crested newts, with ponds on site and more within 250m.  The site also has some smashing hedgerows and mature trees offering really good potential for bat roosts.  Fortunately, the site owner is keen to achieve the highest possible Code for Sustainable Homes rating and so is keen to retain all areas of ecological interest.

I look forward to seeing how the proposals develop and hopefully being able to get involved in designing a scheme for the site that is as eco-friendly as possible.


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