NVC survey, Kirkby Moor SSSI, Cumbria (2012)

It’s not often I get to survey a SSSI, so this was a really interesting project for me.  I acted as lead surveyor working with a colleague from another consultancy to systematically survey the vegetation communities on a section of a moorland SSSI associated with an existing wind farm.  As there’s a lot of managed dry heathland in the area, this involved much yomping through a patchwork of man-eating heather and burnt bits searching for anything that wasn’t heather, bilberry or crowberry – some cracking views too…View from survey siteWe both saw common lizard whilst quadratting and also had the pleasure of visiting some rather nice flushes influenced by base-rich waters which were studded with the white flowers of grass-of-Parnassus.  In case you think it’s all blissful botanising in the sun, please note this is a WIND farm site and we regularly got blasted with horizontal rain as well as the occasional hail shower !  All good fun though, and it was nice to have a survey partner as I usually go out on my own.


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