NVC survey, proposed wind farm, Oswestry, North Wales (2012)

In October I ended up doing a couple of late NVC surveys for proposed wind farm sites, which brought some interesting identification challenges as plants are definitely deteriorating by this time of year !The first survey site was quite a peculiar site which I think “wanted” to be a bog but had been so heavily modified by farming activities that much of it was covered in dense species-poor rushes.

Field of dense Juncus

Suffice to say the farmer thought it was hilarious to watch me hack my way across waist-high tussocky rushes only to find more waist-high tussocky rushes… It’s not that there were no nice bits on site, but let’s just say it’s not one of my longest species lists !  I’ll be really interested to see peat depth mapping of the site as I suspect it might be deeper than it looks.


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