Bryophytes of calcareous woodland with North Wales Plant Group

A trip to Loggerheads Country Park to poke around the ancient woodland looking for bryophytes?  Don’t mind if I do, particularly when the group leader turns out to be rather an eminent published bryophyte researcher (hello, Malcolm).Six bryophyte enthusiasts gathered at the cafe and trundled off into the park to see what we could find.  As is typical for bryologists, it took us a while to get anywhere as the walls and bridge into the main section of the park were festooned with mosses which just HAD to be looked at.  Eventually we reached the woodland where we were immediately struck by the ludicrous amount of Neckera and Anomobryum which were growing all over everything.  Obviously the conditions were just perfect for them, as they looked absolutely luxuriant.

I don’t actually have any pictures of this as I was constantly being distracted by new mosses and liverworts :-/  I do have some moss samples but I’m thinking a blurry picture of some green blobs on my desk probably isn’t going to capture the moment…..

Anyway, we had a jolly good poke around the woodland, river, bridges and abandoned walls etc all of which were generously supplied with bryophytes.  I thoroughly enjoyed myself hunting to find as many species as possible and admiring common species like Plagiomnium undulatum looking particularly happy and well-grown.

I can also highly recommend the cafe for its yummy cooked breakfast 🙂

Thanks to Brian from North Wales Non-Flowering Plant Group for organising.  See the calendar at COFNOD for more info or join the Facebook group.

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