Botanical advice, Earlshaugh proposed wind farm, Scottish Borders (2012)

This was awesome – I got to ride around site all day on an Argocat, being chauffeur driven !  If you haven’t seen one, they are all terrain vehicles which are best described as a sort of mini tank with 8 wheels which will drive over anything – rocks, bogs, through streams, no problem.  A brilliant, bumpy, mud-splashed experience – and I got paid 😀

There was also a bit of botanising to be done as my job was to look at the vegetation communities on site and relate these to parts of the study site which had already been surveyed, to reassure the client that no exciting areas of habitat had been missed by the previous surveyors.  Cue a variety of overgrazed but still interesting bog and wet heath habitats.  Frankly, it rained heavily all day and I just did not care, I was having so much fun.

Have a look at the developers’ website here.


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