Keeping up to date with the geotechnical world

One of the few things I miss about working in a big multidisciplinary company is having my own pet experts on hand in everything from landscape architecture to contaminated land to ventilation systems.  Now that I work on my own, I’m having to keep myself up to date about developments which could affect what I do instead of relying on the expertise of others.

With this in mind I attended a Geotex seminar at the Imperial War Museum, which focused on technologies such as geomembranes, geogrids, silt treatment and expanding polymers.  OK, yes, it’s a thinly disguised marketing opportunity for the exhibitors, but it’s free and educational.  I find it helpful to have some idea of the technologies which are available so that when I come to design mitigation or encounter problems on site, I at least have some idea whether what I want to do is actually doable.

You won’t find me designing slope stability systems any time soon but there are some amazing products out there and it’s really good to know what can be achieved.


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