Mosses and Liverworts Weekend, FSC Rhyd-y-creuau

And so it begins ! I began my mission to learn more about bryophytes in 2013 by spending the weekend with Martha Newton and 9 other bryophyte enthusiasts at FSC’s delightful field centre near Betws-y-Coed.  Participants included ecologists, aspiring ecologists, retired folk and a specialist in computation for nuclear engineering.  Yes, really.  Guaranteed to meet interesting people on these weekends !

We were very fortunate with the weather with no rain all weekend, and took advantage by staying out as late as possible to see as many bryophytes in the field as we could.  When the field sites are this beautiful, why not ?

Pont Gethin

It was great to get out and I feel like I have (re)learned a lot of the basics about bryophytes.  Highly recommended.


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