Bat survey, Jumbles Country Park, Bolton (2013)

Jumbles Country Park near Bolton is ideally situated, if you’re a bat – large blocks of woodland and lots of open grassland as well.  Members of South Lancs Bat Group undertook an emergence survey to see whether any bats were using a couple of buildings on the site.  It was April and quite cold so rather early in the season for finding summer or maternity roosts, but we were bolstered by finding fresh bat droppings on one of the buildings and by the numerous opportunities for crevice-dwelling bats offered by both buildings.  As darkness fell, the first bats were seen – common pipistrelle emerging from one of the buildings !  As the fresh droppings were found on the other building, we can say we made short work of confirming two previously unknown bat roosts and can feel quite pleased with our night’s work.  We plan to go back during May to see whether the bats are still there, and would be very excited to find a maternity roost….. watch this space !


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