Bat box checks, Marbury, Cheshire (2013)

Cheshire Bat Group had a successful trip to Marbury Country Park to check the bat boxes; there was no sign of the noctule, but we found 17 common and soprano pipistrelles, which we think is a record for the site – some on their own in boxes, but up to six tucked in together.  Woodcrete boxes seem to be preferred over traditional wooden boxes at this site.  Unfortunately, the biggest hibernation box has been taken over by bees or wasps, so there won’t be bats in there any time soon…….  Please visit Cheshire Bat Group on Facebook to see some pictures from the day.  To keep up with the events we are planning, you might like to join the email group (  The next event is the first of our annual monitoring visits to Manchester Airport bat barns on 12th June.


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