PondNet aquatic plant training

PondNet is a new initiative from Pond Conservation which aims to find out more about the biodiversity of ponds in the UK and see how pondlife is faring as we enter the 21st century. I volunteered to do an aquatic plant survey of six ponds in two grid squares near me, and went along to an aquatic plant training day to find out more about the survey method.

We had fun (!) getting hailed on at a nearby pond whilst attempting to collect specimens, but luckily the ever-resourceful Penny had already collected a variety of species and we got stuck in using a variety of identification keys.  I went straight for the water-starworts and water-crowfoot, both difficult groups, and enjoyed the challenge of trying to identify these tricky species.  The water-crowfoot was so small we couldn’t get it to species (too early in the year, really), but we successfully pinned the water-starwort down to – the common one.  Humph.  One day I will find something other than the common one, but as they all look the same even to the trained eye, until then, I’ll be collecting samples and keying them out….

Thanks to Cheshire Wildlife Trust for hosting.


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