Local Wildlife Site Monitoring: Newton Common Pond (2013)

Whilst working at MEAS I remember discussing Newton Common Pond; we all wondered whether the great crested newts were still there and how the pond was doing.  Well, this year, we found out.  Roz, Tom and I met armed with bottle traps and torches to carry out a great crested newt survey of the pond.  And to catch up on the gossip, of course !  By the time I arrived, Roz and Tom had already found a great crested newt egg and were feeling pretty confident about our chances with the trapping and torching.  We had timed it a bit wrong so had plenty of time to chat before starting torching and get the anticipation going….

And it turned out brilliantly, we saw common frog, common toad, smooth/palmate newt and great crested newt, so Newton Common Pond is a 4-species pond, how about that for quite an unassuming waterbody in the middle of a horse field ?!

It just goes to show anywhere can be good for amphibians, provided their modest needs are met.


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