Adder survey, Cors Maen Llwyd, North Wales (2013)

I generally try to avoid any activity which involves being out of bed before 5am, but when it’s roasting hot, the best chance of seeing reptiles is earlier in the day… so Pete very kindly picked me up at 0545 and we set off for Llyn Brenig to meet our survey companions.  The mission was to monitor the adder population at Cors Maen Llwyd, an area of blanket bog and heathland, to see whether the recent construction of a cycle track at the site had had any effect.

By the time we got to site at 7am, it was already warm, and by 8am it was, frankly, boiling.  Had we left it too late?  All we saw was one common lizard, spotted disappearing into a tussock by yours truly.

I have no doubt that the adders are still there; Mick pointed out that all the best bits of habitat had been retained and I have to say that the habitat quality at the site overall is really good.  But we didn’t see a single one.

Must get up earlier next time !!!


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