Manchester Airport bat counts (2013)

As regular readers will know, Cheshire Bat Group monitor the bat barns at Manchester Airport second runway every year, to see how the bat populations are doing.  We usually do a count of each barn three times during the summer, one per month in June, July and August.  I missed the June count this year, as I was away surveying, but thanks to getting a lift from Helen I made it to the July count.

I went to the soprano pipistrelle barn with Helen, Mike and friends – don’t ask me to explain where it is, all I can tell you is that to get there involves a convoluted trip through the lanes around the airport !

Mike promptly got out a folding chair and closed his eyes but still mysteriously managed to count 2 soprano pips out of his side of the building – must be a sixth sense for bats as I could have sworn he had gone to sleep !  On my side of the building I also saw 2 bats emerge.  Naturally, the other 189 bats came out of the other side of the building, where I couldn’t see them until they came whizzing over my head and into the trees behind…. No sign of the badger either, which is sometimes seen furkling around in the undergrowth behind the building according to regular surveyors at this barn.

Elsewhere, group members counted 13 brown long-eareds and a barn owl at the brown long-eared barn, which is about average, and I don’t know about the whiskered barn as they had already gone home by the time we had finished counting out our pipistrelles.

It’s always a nice evening out (if you remember to bring insect repellent), so do join the group and come join in !


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