Batline duty for South Lancs Bat Group

Well, I’ve done my first day on batline duty, and I’m not going to lie.  It was messy…

How it’s supposed to work: when I’m on duty, I dial into the batline frequently during the day to pick up any new messages, then call the people back straight away and help them with their enquiry.  If I need to send out a roost visitor or get an injured bat into care, I call the nearest person on the database and they spring into action, saving bats and bat roosts all over South Lancs.

What actually happened: I dial into the batline at 8.30am ready to pick up new messages and I press the wrong button.  The first thing I hear is a woman freaking out about there being a bat in her house, followed by literally dozens of messages seemingly all from people asking for help urgently.  After scribbling down pages and pages of stuff and starting to freak out myself about getting help to all these people, I realise something…

These are the saved messages. I haven’t even heard the new messages yet !


Once I worked out which buttons to press, I was sorted – there were actually only two calls to deal with all day, but, crikey, that woman freaking out was the last thing I needed on my first day on duty!

I’m next on duty towards the end of the month, but don’t worry, now that I’ve worked out what I’m doing it will all be fine – I hope !

South Lancs Batline is run by volunteers from the bat group.  If you need help with a bat, would like to know more about bats in your home or anything else batty, just give us a ring, leave a message telling us what you need and we will do our very best to help.  The number is 0161 764 8850.


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