Tubular water-dropwort workshop with PondNet

PondNet invited me and other local volunteers to join them at Chester Zoo for a morning learning about the special plants targeted by the PondNet project and about one plant in particular, tubular water-dropwort.

Tubular water-dropwort is a UK Biodiversity Action Plan priority species which occurs in damp places in the lowlands, particularly wet meadows, ponds, marshes and fens and in vegetation around standing water.  It’s declining in the UK but can still be found at a good number of sites in Cheshire because there are so many ponds in the county.

Here’s the rather nice pond at the Zoo which supports this species in abundance:

tubular water-dropwort pond

I’m off to my PondNet site in a couple of days to do the aquatic plant survey, so who knows, maybe I’ll get lucky and find something like this?


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