Local Wildlife Site Monitoring: Old Joan’s Plantation (2013)

Old Joan’s Plantation is a publicly accessible woodland in Eccleston near Eccleston Mere.  There’s mature woodland with gnarly old trees, a pond and brambly tall ruderal as well, so with this combination of habitats there are plenty of plants to look at and lots of invertebrates to bug you on your visit !

Old Joan's Plantation

In the photo above you can see the diversity of habitats and vegetation heights at the site, plus the interestingly gnarly nature of some of the trees.  There are records for noctule bat at the site and I would be prepared to bet that it is positively buzzing with bats after dark during the summer.

Why not pay it a visit if you happen to be in the area and see what you can find? Please send your records to Mersey BioBank 🙂


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