Autumn otter survey, Snowdonia National Park (2013)

If you want to see otter spraint, and oodles of it, I definitely recommend the Dwyryd catchment.  We had a lovely day out with MISE project resurveying some of the sites we first looked at in May.  There follow some pictures of spraint etc, so if you’re eating your lunch, look away now 😉

Contender for longest otter spraint of the weekend?!

Large fresh otter spraint on riverside rock.  Incidentally, I think that’s Racomitrium aciculare on the left, but feel free to correct me if you disagree.

Below is a photo of what we think is otter an@l jelly found close to a group of spraint (the typo is deliberate to avoid triggering NSFW filters).

Otter anl jelly

Apparently otters usually scent mark using spraint, but if no spraint is forthcoming they produce this jelly instead.  I’m told it is also used by the female otter to advertise her sexual status to any male otters which pass by.  Classy.

Please visit MISE website using the link on the left or look them up on Facebook, well worth getting involved 🙂

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