Batbox checks at Haigh and Duxbury with South Lancs Bat Group (2013)

This was a splendid day out with loads of noctules, plus common and soprano pipistrelles.  South Lancs Bat Group monitor the bat boxes in Haigh Hall Country Park and Duxbury Woods every year and this year we had record numbers of noctules, which was very exciting.  For us and the noctules.  I don’t think they particularly enjoyed being turfed out of their cosy batboxes to be weighed and measured, but we kept it as brief as possible with only trained and experienced people handling the bats. 

Judging by all the squeaking, even this brief intrusion was quite unwelcome….. we had divided ourselves into two groups, as we had two sets of ladders, and it was quite obvious when the other group had found a noctule, as I could clearly hear the beast squeaking despite being 50 metres away !

The best photos from the day can be found on the South Lancs Bat Group Facebook page.

Unfortunately I didn’t have time to go down the pub for a pint afterwards, but other than that it was a fab day 🙂


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