Bryophytes of arable workshop with FSC bio.fell

Last FSC biofell workshop of the year and in fact the last biofell workshop, period.  Unless more money is forthcoming for 2014 – watch this space.

This time the focus was on bryophytes of arable habitats, or, all the small fiddly green stuff that grows on bits of mud and disturbed ground which no-one ever looks at……

and turned out to be bucketloads of Tortula truncata and Phascum cuspidatum.  When things are very small, it’s harder to tell from a distance whether they are actually different from each other.  I just kept collecting specimens thinking I would find out later what they were, and 90% of the tub was these two species.  image

We were blessed with a few different-looking things including two species of Riccia thalloid liverworts and a hornwort – which I can’t remember the name of – oh dear.  I had never really looked at arable bryophytes before so it was a good introduction to this group of plants and what to expect when surveying them.

Thanks to Martin Godfrey for leading the day and to FSC, again, for making it all possible.


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