Lichens workshop with Cheshire Active Naturalists

Arriving late to Mobberley churchyard, I was surprised and pleased to see such a large group of people gathered to learn about lichens.  I didn’t count, but there must have been 15 of us.  I thought lichens were a bit ‘niche’ but obviously I was wrong !

We began by inspecting what was growing on the wall surrounding the churchyard and had a good look at how aspect, slope and chemistry preferences can result in totally different lichen communities abutting each other. 

This churchyard isn’t known to be a particularly rich one, but as our tutor for the day, Mike Gosling, pointed out, you wouldn’t want to overwhelm yourself with too many species on your first time out.  We spent time talking about different growth forms of lichens and examining the various different structures which can be helpful in identification.

In the afternoon we headed to a church at Nether Alderley to see what else we could find.  Lichens are considered very under-recorded and you might be surprised to learn that we found two species possibly new to Cheshire today – who knows what else is out there waiting to be discovered ??

The day was organised by Cheshire Active Naturalists and I highly recommend you join them for more of the same entertaining outings with like-minded naturalists.


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