Loggerheads bryophyte survey with North Wales Plant Group (2013)

After a yummy breakfast at Caffi Florence, I met with about half-a-dozen other bryophyte enthusiasts to poke around the riverside woodland at Loggerheads and see what we could find.  I was glad of that breakfast, as although we didn’t go very far in kilometre terms, we were constantly on the go for the rest of the day hunting for interesting things.  I don’t even have any photos, even though it wasn’t raining !

This area is limestone and there was a lot to see including buckets of Anomodon, or the pipe cleaner moss as I shall now always remember it, plus plenty of other mosses, lots of big liverworts down by the water and, as always, lots of surprise bonus liverworts in amongst my moss samples at the end of the day 🙂

Bonus liverwort is one of the most endearing and frustrating aspects of being a novice bryologist.  It’s great because there’s the surprise of a little new species hiding out amongst fronds of something bigger, which is exciting and fun, but it’s annoying in some ways because by definition bonus liverworts are always minute, and can be hard to identify to genus let alone species.  I am learning.

I really love bryophytes, they are a beautiful group of plants and much under-rated I think.  Perhaps one day I shall master identifying them as well !


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