Garden List 2014

I follow loads of naturalists on Twitter, and some of them are pan-listers.  What is this ?  A pan-lister is someone who records everything – all wildlife, from lichens to earthworms to owls.  Most of these people were doing #1000for1ksq last year – they aimed to record 1000 species of any kind of wildlife in their chosen 1km square.  I thought that was a really cool idea and for a while I thought I might join them.  Then I realised I was a bit intimidated, actually, and why not start slightly smaller ?  Why not just record whatever I can find at home ?So I’ve decided on #gardenlist2014  – yes I did just make that up, but I’m hoping I won’t be the only one using this hashtag in 2014.  Basically, I record everything I can find either in the house (hello, spiders) or in the garden.  I’m off to a slow start so far, with just a few birds and a couple of invertebrates, but later in the year I’m hoping to record all sorts of things, such as frogs, bats, moths, worms, maybe even small mammals, who knows what’s really out there lurking in the raised beds ?!  Here’s a photo of our garden to give you a clue what I’m working with:



As you can see, it’s currently a work in progress with repairs to the raised beds ongoing.  We have some ornamental and some soft fruit beds, with the brambles and raspberries being particularly popular with my favourite visitors, the dunnocks.  We might live in town, but we can still have our own mini semi-wild space 🙂


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