Licensed to survey for great crested newts in 2014

I am pleased to announce that I have renewed both my great crested newt survey licences and am offering great crested newt survey in both England and Wales again this year.

great crested newt in the hand

I like newts a lot and enjoy surveying for amphibians, but I don’t consider myself an expert in great crested newt development licensing and in fact have not had much opportunity in the past couple of years to work on great crested newt development licensed projects.  Realistically, I don’t think I’d be eligible to hold a development licence on my own any more.  That means I am most comfortable working as part of a larger team of surveyors including a specialist great crested newt worker and don’t tend to take on projects where I am the sole lead on amphibians.  This way, I still get to have fun surveying but don’t have to worry about what I’m going to do if I do find great crested newts.


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