North Wales Non Flowering Plant Group microscope day

Confession time: I still have some dried specimens from last year waiting to be identified.  The shame !!  It’s much more fun to identify mosses and liverworts with a friend or several to help you, so off I went to Pensychnant to meet North Wales Non-Flowering Plant Group and get stuck in to microscoping some tricky specimens.I thought you’d be bored with yet another picture of an untidy desk with microscope and scattered books and bits of moss, so here’s a snap of one of the random taxidermy efforts that seem to line every room at the Centre.  Morbid, perhaps, but also quite educational.  When do you normally have the opportunity to get up close and personal with an owl ?  Exactly.

stuffed owl

I took the precaution of sitting next to local expert Malcolm who duly helped me out with my more annoying specimens and had the good grace to get excited about some of my more obscure finds.  Thank you 🙂 and thanks Lucia for helping me get my microscope set up properly.

The group are really friendly so I highly recommend you join in if you’re local and interested in lower plants.  All their events can be found on the COFNOD website if you don’t do Facebook.


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