Yellow-necked mouse survey, Cheshire (2014)

Cheshire Mammal Group have recently confirmed the presence of yellow-necked mouse at a second site in Cheshire after the species was discovered during dormouse monitoring at a site in the south of the county.  A yellow-necked mouse is basically a big wood mouse with a yellow collar on its underside and a really bad attitude… !  We set out on a rainy February afternoon to see whether we could find them at a third site, near Beeston.

A mixture of Longworth and trip traps were set and baited with all sorts of deliciousness including chocolate biscuits, grains AND live fly pupae to lure small mammals and hopefully give us some exciting records.  We retired to the comfort of our beds whilst thinking about rodents tucked up in the safety of nice warm traps stuffed with hay and loads of food to nibble on.

In the morning, we found this:

wood mouse looking disgusted

Wood mice, and lots of them, plus a couple of bank voles, but no yellow-necked mice this time :/  The weather was a bit rubbish overnight so this is definitely not the last time we will trap at this site, it is only a couple of miles from the latest yellow-necked sighting and we are determined to find more of them !!


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