Winter tree ID with the BSBI

This outing at a woodland near Ruthin had a slight bushcraft vibe, as we had a bonfire half way round made from logs harvested on site… this meant hot drinks were available as we pored over firs and spruces – definitely a good thing.

botanists making themselves at home

This woodland is owned by a family consisting of 1 botanist, 1 forester and 1 small future scientist and is managed for firewood and nature conservation.  There are numerous different tree species present and we saw a full suite of commonly planted conifers as well as native British trees and shrubs.  A helpful reminder of winter tree ID and a great way to start the season.

There are numerous BSBI field meetings every year and 2014 is no different – visit the BSBI website to find out more.  I’m learning about dandelions at my next one, come and join in !


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