North Wales Non-Flowering Plant Group at Llansannan

Six moss and liverwort enthusiasts (and future enthusiasts) gathered at a woodland near Llansannan, North Wales, to investigate its bryoflora.  And to have a nice walk in the countryside whilst chatting about anything and everything.  It was a beautiful day, the sun shone and the company was good.The woodland is managed for firewood and nature conservation and is replanted ancient woodland, which means that whilst there are plenty of larches waiting to be cut into logs, there are also plenty of plants of long-established woodland 🙂  Vascular plants include bluebells, early purple orchids, wood anemone, wild garlic, sanicle and town hall clock.  The bryoflora isn’t quite as fun, as much of the interest of ancient woodlands is in the epiphytes, the plants which grow on other plants (in this case trees) – so if you don’t have old trees of native species you probably won’t have a long moss and liverwort species list.  Nevertheless, the site provides a good place to study common species of woodland, such as this Mnium hornum.

Mnium hornum

We also spent a fair bit of time looking at the naughty bits on Pellia liverworts, as one of the party was hoping to convince us he had found Pellia endiviifolia, which is one of the less frequent types of Pellia.  The identification features of importance here are to do with the reproductive parts, in particular the tube around the female bits.  Having looked at the female parts on multiple individuals I am still not convinced, but no doubt he will report back after some microscope time and I must prepare to be corrected !  There is only so much gynaecology I can do in a single afternoon…

Thanks to Lucia for hosting.

Come and join us next time, the full programme is on COFNOD’s calendar page.


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