Local Wildlife Site Monitoring: Mesnes Park and Stream (2014)

Mesnes Park is a pleasant urban park in Newton-le-Willows, Merseyside.  The park includes a stream and associated woodland and damp grassland which have been designated as a Local Wildlife Site for the variety of habitats present and for the presence of a couple of locally uncommon plant species.

Mesnes Park & Stream LWS

I went to have a look and see how the site was doing so that I could report back to Merseyside Environmental Advisory Service, who co-ordinate the Local Wildlife Site monitoring programme for St Helens borough each year.

Happily, despite the adjacent new residential development, all the habitats in the park looked to be present and correct, and I found one out of the two target plant species.  The other plant is a garden escape which is naturalised in the UK and may have only been a casual at the site.  All in all, the site seems in good condition with no need for any changes to its management.


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