Phase 1 habitat survey and bat building inspection, Chester (2014)

I assisted a friend of mine by acting as a second person for one of her staff during a bat building inspection and Phase 1 habitat survey of a site in Chester.  Not, perhaps, the most glamorous of jobs, but I was able to help a busy friend and get paid for it, so it couldn’t be better, in my view 🙂I do very little professional bat work these days, so it was a novelty to be clambering into a loft space looking for signs of bats and potential entrance points, but I soon got back into the swing of things.  I did, however, wish I had remembered my dust mask… it was a large building and there were plenty of potential bat entrance/exit points but, disappointingly, no signs of bats.  Dead pigeons yes.  Dead flies yes.  Wasps yes.  Bats no.

On completing the building inspection, we headed out to do a Phase 1 habitat survey of the rest of the site, which included good numbers of mature trees, some with bat roost potential, and a mix of amenity grassland, tall ruderal, bramble scrub, hedgerows and tall coarse grassland.  Ideal bat habitat, potentially.  I await the findings of the forthcoming bat surveys with interest.


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