Local Wildlife Site Monitoring: Goyt Hey Wood (2014)

Billed as ‘the best woodland in St Helens borough’, this fabulous place did not disappoint.

Goyt Valley marker stoneSwathes of wild garlic and bluebells with their competing fragrances provided a vision of loveliness as I walked the paths of this wild place.

Goyt Hey Wood LWS

OK, I’m gushing now, but this really is a top ancient woodland site and there are footpaths throughout so everyone can enjoy it too.  The ground flora is excellent and the mossy trees, boulders and ravines support an array of locally uncommon bryophyte species.  There are ponds, wet woodland, swampy bits, brackeny hollows, brambles and raspberries and the all important spring display of bluebells and wild garlic.  It’s ace.  Go visit.

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