Great crested newt survey, Winsford (2014)

One of the things I miss, having gone freelance, is working with other ecologists.  Great crested newt surveying is nice in that respect as it’s always done in twos or threes.  This project offered an opportunity to do just that, as I would be working with a local ecologist needing experience in great crested newt survey before applying for her own survey licence.

Pond photo by Nicola Wallbank

This site is allocated for housing in the Local Plan and there are two ponds on site with more nearby.  A great crested newt survey is a must in such circumstances.  Fortunately the developer had the good sense to commission the great crested newt survey early, meaning that we could spread the required four visits out across the season, which is the ideal situation for detecting the presence of great crested newts.

I enjoyed working with a new survey partner and am pleased to say the client will enjoy our work too as we completed four survey visits without finding any great crested newts.  A good result all round.


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