Phase 1 habitat survey, north Crewe, Cheshire (2014)

This was the first of four phase 1 habitat surveys I did for proposed solar farm sites on behalf of a small consultancy based in the south-west.  It’s always funny working for other ecologists as everyone has their own particular way of doing things.  I’ve often used other ecologist’s report templates at their request, but this time the company asked if I would just provide the survey data and some notes so that they could do their own reports.  Fair enough.I headed to site to see what I might find.  Being in Cheshire, I was thinking ponds, and I was not wrong…

crewe north site

This site had four ponds, two of which were pretty nice and seemed to have good potential for great crested newts.  Fortunately, most solar farm installations are fairly innocuous compared to, say, a housing development – all vegetation is retained under the solar array, so the only ground disturbance is getting the kit into the field putting the frames in.  A bit like putting a table together where the feet have to be dug into the soil.  There were some nice trees on this site too but it looks like none of them will need to be removed for the project.

I’ll have to keep an eye out for the planning application to see what they did with my sketch map and notes !

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