Phase 1 habitat survey, Wrexham, North Wales (2014)

My final solar farm application site of the week and another set of improved grass fields ! But every site has its quirks and this one had two interesting sets of footprints in muddy gateways:

wrexham site footprints.jpg largeI puzzled over these for ages and am still not sure what to think.  Ideas ??  Besides the interesting footprints I was pleased to find some cracking mature trees with all sorts of decay features.  Not great from an arboriculturalist’s point of view but highly interesting for wildlife, with all sorts of opportunities for invertebrates, birds and bats.  I also found some interesting ponds including one which looked to have potential for the lesser silver water beetle.  Luckily all the ponds and trees are likely to be retained as part of the design of the scheme so there should be no stress as far as protected species are concerned.

Solar farms seem more and more popular and are definitely pushing northwards as the technology improves.  I am looking forward to finding out what effects, if any, they have on our wildlife, as on the face of it they seem a pretty neat and environmentally friendly means of generating energy.


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