Local Wildlife Site Monitoring 2014: Carr Mill Dam

Carr Mill Dam is a popular spot for a day out in St Helens, whether you enjoy walking, riding your bike, powerboating or just dipping a toe in the water.  Did you know it is also one of the most important sites in the Borough for wildlife ?

Carr Mill Dam lakeviewThe Dam is the largest lake for miles around and attracts loads of birds with over 100 species recorded from the site, including kingfishers and a large breeding population of great crested grebes.  I counted over 20 during my visit.  It’s also important for habitats and plants with diverse broadleaved woodland and records of 29 locally rare plant species.

My job as a volunteer Local Wildlife site monitor is to visit each site and see how it is doing.  I might not be lucky enough to see everything it’s designated for – but I can look at the condition of the habitats there and have a good idea whether all the good stuff is likely to still be around.

Carr Mill Dam seems to be doing just fine:

woodland at Carr Mill Dam

It’s just off the A580 north of St Helens if you want to go and enjoy it for yourself.  There’s even a handy pub – the Waterside – for a pint after your walk   🙂


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