Slag heaps and saltmarsh in Flintshire with the BSBI

Regular readers will know that I often venture into North Wales in search of botanical excitement and this time I visited Flintshire with the local BSBI recording group.  A slag heap might not sound that salubrious a venue for a botanical meeting, but in fact Bagillt Marsh is rather interesting, with several rare species and lots of diversity of flowers on display.  It runs right into the saltmarsh which makes for some interesting soil conditions and vegetation transitions.  Here are some pictures from the day – highlights include maiden pink, white mullein, spring sandwort and lots of lovely yellow-wort and centaury:yellow-wortspring sandwortwhite mullein Emily with maiden pink

It is a myth that with enough experience, a botanist can identify any plant.  There was plenty of experience in the group on the day but none of us could work out what this is !  We think it is likely to be in the family Rosaceae but apart from that we’re stumped:

mystery plant

There is a public footpath alongside Bagillt Marsh so why not go and see for yourself.  If you find the mystery plant and have worked out what it is, give me a shout !


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