Manchester Airport bat barn monitoring (2014)

It’s nice to go to a place you know you are pretty much guaranteed to see bats.  The bat barns at Manchester Airport have been very successful and are definitely one of those places !I missed the June survey but made it to the July event and picked the Whiskered bat barn…whiskered bat barn

Notice the gaps at the top of the building which are where the bats come out.  Well, most of them, anyway, there are always a cheeky few nipping out round the corner where we can’t see them !  We counted out 24 on the night and then went inside, supervised by Dave, a licensed bat worker, to see whether any more were lurking inside.  All was quiet, so we assume they had either all gone out to find some breakfast or were well and truly tucked in behind the various roosting features installed in the barn.  Loads of droppings though, which confirms if we needed it that the barn is in regular use by a decent sized colony of bats.

If you want to get involved next year contact Cheshire Bat Group via Facebook or using our email address



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