More Nathusius pipistrelles at Marbury Country Park :)

Marbury Country Park is turning out to be quite a special site for bats – the annual batbox check turned into a Nathusius-fest !

The day started well with a few soprano pipistrelles:

tree with batboxes

Then the excitement began.  A Nathusius pip !  And not just any Nathusius pip, A RINGED BAT.  And not just any ringed bat, ONE OF THE BATS WE RINGED IN AUGUST ! Splendid.  Extremely chuffed, we could have gone home quite happy at this point.

And so to the next bat box:checking bat box

Which contained not only a ringed male Nathusius pip from our August crop, but also a new female Nathusius !  Get IN ! Later, we found ANOTHER male-female pair of Nathusius and a singleton for a total of six Nathusius pipistrelles in one day, of which three we had already ringed in August.  Fantastic !  We are up to ten individual Nathusius known from this site now 🙂

One of the Nathusius pips escaped when we tried to put it back in its box – and promptly flew straight into this tree:

nathusius pipistrelle roost tree

A slight fail but we learned some valuable information from this fumble.

Later, we found some proper partying going on with a batbox containing seven female soprano pipistrelles and one male, and another with one male and three females.  The day was rounded out with a noctule and the first confirmed record of a Natterer’s bat for the site.

Couldn’t have been better 😀


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