The best batbox checking day ever

Every year we check the bat boxes at Haigh Hall Country Park in the morning and go off to Duxbury, near Chorley, in the afternoon to look in the boxes there.  We usually get a few bats at Haigh and good numbers of noctules at Duxbury, including a female noctule in the same bat box every time!  Bats and humans alike are creatures of habit.

This year was slightly earlier in the autumn than usual and we were repaid with plenty of bats, in fact even more than last year.  For me, it was the best batbox check ever because I had never seen so many brown long-eared at once, or that many noctules 🙂Here are some highlights.  Beautiful noctules in splendid healthy condition:

first noctule of the day

a splendid noctule

And 16 brown long-eareds all in a box together:

bags and bags of brown long-eareds

posting the bats back into the box one by one

If you want to see bats up close and personal then join South Lancs Bat Group and come along on a batbox check!



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