MISE harvest mouse workshop, Anglesey

November was harvest mouse month for me.  I wouldn’t normally consider going to Anglesey for a day trip, but I was offered the opportunity to attend a harvest mouse workshop just before running some of my own surveys locally.  Perfect timing, thank you MISE project!  As a bonus, I got to “borrow” a couple of harvest mice from Chester Zoo for a few days.  They were needed for show and tell at the harvest mouse workshop and I was the nearest person to Chester, so I got to be their chauffeur for the weekend.

harvest mouse house guestEven cuter in real life and a great way to kick off harvest mouse month 🙂

The workshop was run by MISE and involved talks on the harvest mouse in Wales and techniques for harvest mouse survey before heading out to a local site to search for harvest mouse nests.  Harvest mouse nests tend to be found in habitats with a lot of tall grasses – reeds, reed canary-grass and similar plants.  This means that reedbeds and fens are potentially ideal sites for nest searches.  Unfortunately we didn’t find any nests this time, but here are the team in action so you can get an idea of the habitat:

surveying for harvest mouse

If you want to know more about the harvest mouse, especially its distribution in Wales, contact MISE and ask for your copy of their latest publication:

new publication


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