Small mammal trapping, Moore Nature Reserve

The rangers at Moore organised a small mammal trapping session and, with my current obsession with small mammals, how could I not attend??

We only had 50-odd traps (they are expensive) so concentrated on a small area of the reserve this time and will do subsequent surveys of different parts of the site.  We thought this spot might be successful because we kept seeing vole holes:

vole holeAnd successful we were, just goes to show even with only 50 traps it is definitely worth going out – we found field vole, bank vole and wood mouse and got plenty of practice with the new traps.

bank vole

wood mouse

This wood mouse is looking a bit undignified but it’s a good picture for showing how wood mice don’t have a yellow chest band (collar) as distinct from yellow-necked mice which (not surprisingly) have yellow necks.


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