Yellow-necked mouse confirmed from Bickerton !

Cheshire Mammal Group have been on a mission the past few years to find out more about the yellow-necked mouse in Cheshire.

The yellow-necked mouse is basically a big wood mouse with a yellow chest stripe and we know it occurs in Shropshire and Staffordshire so why not Cheshire?  It was first recorded in Cheshire in recent times during dormouse box checks at a site in the far south of the county.  Then the mammal group found another one while small mammal trapping near Beeston.

The Bickerton area was the obvious choice for targeting small mammal trapping and has been surveyed before with no success.  This didn’t deter the group, however, as one night of trapping is just a sample and we wouldn’t just walk away after one negative experience.  Back we went in early February 2015 to see whether we would be lucky this time.The key to success appears to be getting Jack Swan to open all the traps – he was the one who opened the winning trap on the site near Beeston – and hey presto, look who found a yellow-necked mouse in the trap at Bickerton ??  Jack.

Here’s the beast:

YNM being inspected by the group

rubbish picture of YNM showing chest stripeThis is only the third confirmed site in Cheshire in recent times and is very exciting indeed.

Here is a bonus picture of a pygmy shrew (because shrews are awesome):

pygmy shrew


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