Repeat badger survey for Year 2 vaccination site, Cheshire (2015)

Wirral and Cheshire Badger Group are looking forward to vaccinating again this year at the same sites we did last year.  Why go back to the same places again?  We hope to keep catching and vaccinating badgers at the same sites for five consecutive years, so that we have done our best to give herd immunity to the social groups living in our target areas.

This time around, the only badger signs on the part of the target site I was sent to were badger footprints around a cattle trough.  But there were plenty of them!  A veritable badger motorway:

badger motorwayAnd some of the clearest prints I’ve ever found:

badger paw prints

All leading into this woodland…..

wet woodland

Plenty of badger signs and good company makes for a good day out.

badger surveyor


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