Warrington Plant Group moss day at Woolston Eyes

A rainy start for our visit to Woolston Eyes bed no. 3 didn’t deter four moss enthusiasts (and Paul!) from having a splendid day out. We repaired to the hide with some hastily grabbed specimens and got the book out to see whether we had found anything interesting….

Cushions on trees proved to be Orthotrichum affine and pulchellum whilst this profusion of liverworty goodness turned out to be Metzgeria fruitculosa all covered in pretty gemmae:

Species of the day was Cryphaea heteromalla, another tree-dweller with a distinctive one sided branching pattern.

Bit of a crap picture but you get the idea! This was an important plant to find as it keys out early on in the field guide so is a good one to get to know.

The sun eventually came out in the afternoon and we had a good ramble around the site looking for mammal tracks and signs.

Thanks to Paul our key holder and tour guide for the day 🙂


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